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Hi! I’m Nadine Savino, owner and creator of the GCap®. Everything from managing large retail account to packing and shipping, I have my hands on all things related to the GCap; there isn’t much I don’t do. 

How the GCap was invented

The GCap was designed with toddlers and young children in mind.  I’m a momprenuer who happily left corporate America to raise my young son, Giovanni – the inspiration for the “G” Cap. Named after his nickname “G”, the stretchable cap is an easy cure all for spills. The idea for the GCap came to me during a shopping trip to the mall. Carrying Giovanni in one arm and packages in the other, Giovanni need a treat. But when the kiosk employee handed me a Nesquik® and a straw I realized what lay ahead. My odds of soon having my son doused in chocolate milk were incredibly high. A deal-breaker, as all too many moms know, when on the go. After returning home I took matters into my own hands. I purchased a small quantity of silicone material and made bottle cap prototypes in my kitchen. Tirelessly I worked to perfect one single unit and the rest, as we say, in history. Otherwise known as the perfect example of necessity being the mother of invention, the GCap is designed to conveniently meet a need. Simply put, it’s a stretchable bottle cap that fits any sized beverage bottle to prevent a child’s spills. Made of flexible material similar to silicone, moms simply add a straw. No more mess in the car, on their clothes, or just wasted drinks. It is such a quick and simple solution that will save you so much money, time and frustration.

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