GCap bottle cap


End Messy Drink Spills FOREVER!

The GCap quickly and conveniently turns any beverage bottle into a kid friendly bottle by stopping spills. No more mess in the car, no more wasted drinks, no more meltdowns and no more sippy cups needed!


Fits Many Bottle Tops

This universal travel-friendly accessory works with bottle tops of all shapes and sizes. So whether its juice, smoothies or water bottles GCaps got it covered.

Easy to Use

Remove Bottle Top








Stretch & Secure GCap







Insert Any Straw






Happy Customers

It keeps your kiddo from spilling! We love, love, love it!


Since we have started using our GCaps we have had NO spills and life has been 100% easier. It is SO easy to use, totally affordable AND there is nothing better than having a peace of mind that I won’t have any more spills!


No more spills, this is a dream come true for all parents!


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